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So you have a natural love for sports. That's great. Why don't you convert that love to cash by getting article writing jobs from home or freelance editing jobs in the sports niche? With the right knowledge of the sport of your choice, enthusiasm, and writing skills, you should be able to freelance in the sports industry. There are many websites online with unlimited resources. As a newbie freelance writer, you may have difficulty convincing the big websites of your skills. However, you can always build your reputation from somewhere. With enough high-quality sports articles under your name, it would only be a matter of time until the websites start reaching out to you.

Top Websites To Check For Freelance Sports Writing Gigs

1. Write For SBNation

SBNation is one of the top independent companies with several sports blogs in the space. It's not just one website. There are several websites under the corporation and each one is dedicated to a major subject or sports team. SBNation is always on the lookout for promising writers. Apart from applying to start contributing to SBNation, you can also pitch the team an article idea that they may be interested in. Since you'll be publishing the content under your name, it might be a good place to build a reputation.

2. Search For Sports Articles On Upwork

Upwork is a gig market where clients search for freelancers across services. The services range between anything from writing, editing, virtual assistance, etc. You can search for clients who are interested in sports-related content. Keep in mind that there is no fixed payment structure on Upwork. Some clients offer low rates especially when they are dealing with new writers. After completing each freelance article, make sure you ask the clients to give you a good rating. The more ratings you have, the higher your chances of getting better paying freelance writing gigs will be.

3. Write Sports Articles On LWOS

If you love baseball, you might want to start writing baseball articles on LWOS. LWOS, just like SBNation, has many websites dedicated to sporting leagues. Writers who work with LWOS are regarded as full-time staff. When you're applying to write for the company, make sure you write about the teams you'll be comfortable writing about. This is because each writer has to work on a specific team for an extended period. The payment you receive for each article, however, depends on traffic. Articles with more views attract more money.

4. Write For Athlon

If your a college football or NFL fan, you can join the Athlon media group. They are always happy to welcome sportswriters who have a flair for the industry. To join, you'll need to fill a form and send two samples of your previous writing works. There is no public record of the specific pay rate. You'll have to apply first for more details.

These are just a few of the numerous places to get a never-ending supply of sports article writing gigs. You can start by joining one or two first and work your way up. The more articles you write, the more freelance writing gigs you'll get and the more money you'll have.

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