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Starting freelance writing without experience

Freelance writing is a fast-growing industry. Knowing where and how to start is one of the challenging things to tackle as a beginner. If you get a hint, then you will swing in full force and make earnings from it. 

Requirements to start freelancing

  • Working space and tools

The tools you need are few for a starter, but it’s good to invest in your job for you to reap in plenty. The basic tools you need are a laptop, a stable internet connection, and furniture to use. Invest in a good personal computer that will suit you well. The more expensive the laptop, the more effective it will be for this journey. Get a stable internet connection from service providers. Enroll for the monthly payment. You always need to be online for research and getting clients. Buy a good seat that will enable you to do long working hours with ease. After these tools, then you need a working space free from disruptions. Since you are working from home, get somewhere where interruptions will be minimal. 

  • Have a plan

You are getting in this business, and like any other business, you need to set targets that will move you. The targets may work as motivators to keep you on track. This is a business that requires less or no supervision, and thus it needs a high level of discipline. Seek for ways in which you will motivate yourself to do the set targets. Structure your business the way you want it to run. Have time for the business and free time to attend to other duties outside the business. Doing this, you will have an easy time managing it. 

  • Payment channel

Once you are set, and you have your first client, decide the channel that you wish to get paid through. Seek for the most effective one that will charge you less but be more convenient to access. If you are dealing with clients overseas, then VISA cards and PayPal become vital. If your client is within your reach, then he/she opts for cheques, you are good to go. 

  • Updated profile

Clients should know who you are before they hire your services. Make a professional profile that will market you. Update your email address to suit the current trends that will make clients believe in you. Work on your profiles on social media accounts since they speak of who you are. They should be professional, and in case they have any irrelevant data to clients, hide it from the public. Clients will scrutinize your social media platforms. Ensure they market you.

  • Make samples

Clients need samples of jobs done to check the quality of work that you give. Have good samples that you can send or attach to your profile. Write articles and publish them online. Make a blog on any topic and be consistent. It’s one way of getting clients when they come across them. Post on other blogs for free or at a lower fee for you to be able to drag traffic to your blog. You can as well do the pitching for advertised gigs.

  • Network

Make connections with other established freelance writers. They will connect you to jobs and as well train you in some emerging trends that you may be lacking. They will give you a chance to study their profiles and how they market themselves. Make use of social media platforms to network and showcase your skills.

  • Beginner jobs

Go for beginner jobs that suit all starters. These jobs are in plenty and don’t need experts to handle them. They include Digital markets to sell products and Writing scripts for videos. Make money online.

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